Kis Napraforgó… lepi goropadni cvet

Ko me prati na Tviteru zna da volim Đoletovu muziku. Čovek stvara iz duše. Veliki pesnik. Svaka mu je posebna na svoj način i svaka me “dotiče” drugačije.

Ali ima jedna posebna. Nađem je pre neki dan, slučajno, prevedenu na engleski pa rekoh da je podelim sa vama. Uživajte :)

Somebody Yours

In one of those taverns with checked tablecloths and unbaptized wine
Hooligans from Potisje almost finally finished me off with a violin
The song was about a sunflower sad as hell
Just, its not very well known in our town

Little sunflower Beautiful frenzy flower
Because of which the Sun from the sky came down to earth
to find out why, at dusk, she turns her head away?
To find out who is she punishing when she is not looking at him like every other sunflower does?

My little capricious one Let it go, what happened, happened, dont be vengeful
Thats why its fun to go around the world To return here
Raise that beautiful head up At least look at me
In a little shining tear, three hundred miracles can be seen
Your happiness is your problem only
But, on the other hand, your sorrow Thats another story Thats my concern

Once you touch a bachelorettes lace
You spend a century dreaming of wild strawberries
She makes rhymes break up and get disturbed
And all of them want to adapt themselves to her

Its easy when someone doesnt fall in love with you in the first place
Only the dark side of your heart hurts then
Its hard when for some only one and yours you become a little grain of salt
Its hard when Somebody Yours stops loving you


Milorad Tošić

Web designer, entrepreneur, E-Tvrdjava co-founder, father of two girls

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